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Policy & Impact

Reducing the Impact of Domestic Violence in the UK: Project 360

Project 360 is a secondary responder programme in the Leicestershire Police Force area, in which engagement workers, with an expertise in assisting victims of domestic violence, work from within the police force. Together with my colleagues Jesse Matheson and Reka Plugor, I evaluated the RCT of Project 360. 

The website of the Project can be found here.

Policy report: PDF

Research paper: PDF

Improving the Policy Response to Infectious Disease: The Case of Dengue in Brazil

In this project, together with my colleague Livia Menezes, we provide new insights on the cost of a neglected tropical disease, dengue fever.  Dengue fever is the most prevalent vector-borne virus, putting at risk the health of half of the world’s population. In the research, we provide causal estimates of the effect of dengue fever on human capital accumulation using administrative data from Brazil. In particular, we focus on the effect dengue has on the unborn child and estimate the effects of maternal dengue on the health of newborns. We also estimate the effect of dengue infections on the schooling outcomes of children. We work with policy makers in affected countries to advise vector control programmes and vaccine adoption decisions. This work is supported through an ESRC grant and an ESRC IAA grant.

Research paper: PDF

I am an adviser to the Evaluation and Trial Advise Panel of the UK Evaluation Task Force and advise on the evaluation of public policies across government departments. I also serve on the scientific advisory board of the Home Office on the evaluation of policies to reduce domestic violence. 
In addition I advise a number of state departments in Brazil on the design of public policies.

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